The man used his high office to solicit foreign election interference

Tensions rising.


“It appears that an American spy in one of our intelligence agencies may have been spying on our own president. The complaint suggests that this intel agent was listening in on Trump’s conversation….….with a foreign leader. Was this person officially asked to listen to the conversation or was he or she secretly listening in?” @GreggJarrett

Joyce Vance:

I think we can feel sure that a whistleblower would not make a report unless he or she had legitimately accessed the information in question. This is ridiculous.

Martina Navratilova:

Just shut up already, this person is, unlike you, a patriot.

Neal Katyal:

This switch in strategy away from denial may mean Trump finally read something, the transcript of the call. Also …. isn’t this the same guy who 2 days ago denied the story because he knows his calls with foreign leaders are “heavily populated”? Now he’s saying the call wasn’t?

Walter Shaub:

Seems clear he extorted them, likely even offered a quid pro quo. But it’s not necessary to show he extorted them or offered a quid pro quo. The man used his high office to solicit foreign election interference. If that’s not enough, let’s drop the pretense of being a republic.

Bill Kristol:

Trump’s been tweeting away, attacking Joe Biden and our intelligence officials. But to my knowledge he hasn’t once denied that he repeatedly demanded of the president of Ukraine that he investigate Hunter Biden.

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