The post has been removed

Good. It never should have been posted in the first place, but good that it’s been removed.

Jen Gunter a few hours ago:

The post about me has been removed from @sciam for not meeting editorial standards. Thank you everyone for your support. Half truths, obfuscations, and lies help no person have agency over their body.

Note where the article used to be:

Editor’s note. The post that originally appeared here has been removed because we’ve determined that it doesn’t meet our editorial standards.

Jen Gunter a couple of hours later:

Removing this piece was important not just for me, but for health care. Naturopaths, anti-vaccine doctors, and people who claim they can “balance hormones” with food etc were celebrating my “take down” in @sciam seeing it as proof that they are right.

The acting editor in chief apologized to me by phone this morning and I have accepted his apology.
And so let’s move on to leftovers, puppy and kitten videos, shoes, coffee, wine and, of course, science.

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