The separations

There’s this brilliant French tv series about life under the Occupation, Un village Français. The station that ran it a few years ago fills in the gaps between the end of one show and the start of the next (gaps because they all start on the hour) with whatever fits, and sometimes that is a one of a set of interviews with witnesses that accompanied the French series. They ran one such clip last night, and the subject was…

…the separations of children from their parents that happened during the deportations To The East.

It was only about 5 minutes worth, but it was very affecting nonetheless. The separations were almost all final. The interviews are elderly people describing the last time they saw, talked to, clung to their parents.

I suspect that the choice of this particular set of interviews was no accident. I watched it squirming and saying, ever louder, “We’re doing this right now. We are.”

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