There’s a reason for that

Oh, it turns out that the day Trump told Sondland “I WANT NOTHiNG I WANT NOTHiNG” was September 9, the day – here, Matt Lewis explains:

It’s important to note the timing of Trump’s “I want nothing..I want no quid pro quo” statement to Sondland: It occurred on September 9, the exact same day the House Intel Committee received the whistleblower’s complaint….

Most of the exculpatory evidence Republicans cite consists of things that happened AFTER Trump and Republicans realized the whistleblower had reported Trump’s activities.

No wonder he was in a bad mood.

Marc Ambinder adds:

Which is why the President would use that specific phrase — he knew he was being accused of precisely that. The White House had seen the complaint, which discusses said quid-pro-quo.

Matt Lewis:

Exactly. Trump would never randomly invoke the term “quid pro quo” just out of the blue.

Indeed not. Trump has to consult his notes before he can shout “I WANT NOTHiNG” twice. His vocabulary is not large, generous, capacious, ample, hefty…you get the idea.

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