Today’s “great honor”

For today’s adventure in trending authoritarian we have Trump snuggling up to Orbán.

The Guardian adds:

So what’s so special about that Orbán meeting? Well for one thing it fits into a pattern of Trump cosying up to authoritarian leaders – see Vladimir Putin, Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro and Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman, to name but three.

Orbán, the far-right Hungarian prime minister, has been accused of attacks on the media, minorities and the courts. He was snubbed by both Barack Obama and George W Bush, while last year the European parliament voted to bring disciplinary proceedings against Hungary for putting the rule of law at risk.

As the New York Times put it: “[Orbán’s] welcome at the White House is seen by Mr Trump’s critics as emblematic of the president’s preference for strongman leaders who seek to undermine the liberal international order.”

Putin, Bolsonaro, MsB, also Xi, Kim, Netanyahu, Erdoğan, not to mention Joe Arpaio.

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