Trump is backing them into a corner

If they’re just going to keep ignoring subpoenas

The Washington Post’s Rachael Bade and Mike DeBonis report that House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) argued to Pelosi Monday night that Congress should open an impeachment inquiry into Trump.

And it’s not just Nadler coming around to the idea that Congress may have no choice but to begin impeachment proceedings against Trump. On Monday, five members of Pelosi’s leadership team also urged her to consider impeachment proceedings.

There are pragmatic reasons for doing so, in addition to or instead of the obvious He’s A Criminal one.

Instead, these influential lawmakers see two more practical reasons to open impeachment inquiries: 1) saying the “i” word would help them make their case to the courts to get key information in their investigations, and 2) Trump is backing them into a corner by blocking all those investigations.

To break those down a bit:

Trump is blocking every investigation of significance that Congress has into him and his administration. (Twenty so far, a Washington Post analysis finds.) Congress is going to the courts — already with some success — to get what they want. But they are at risk of losing some key court fights such as the one to get the unredacted Mueller report. Congress could strengthen its hand by starting impeachment proceedings. Grand jury information, which makes up much of the redactions in the report, is typically kept secret except for judicial proceedings. Impeachment is a trial, so saying the “i” word would turn Congress into a judiciary body (instead of a legislative one) and thus strengthen its case for why it needs to see the underlying grand jury testimony that makes up the Mueller report.

Which, I guess, would at least mean Trump’s people would have to stop repeating “no legitimate legislative purpose” until we all scream.

Some of these Democrats on the Judiciary Committee argue that if Congress wants to assert its constitutionally mandated oversight authority over this president — and future presidents —- it has no choice but to launch an impeachment inquiry. On Tuesday, former White House counsel Donald McGahn ignored a subpoena and didn’t show up to a House hearing. He’s a key witness in the Mueller report about Trump’s attempts to fire the special counsel and then lie about it. Rep Ted Deutch (D-Fla.), a Judiciary Committee member who agrees with those who made their case to Pelosi, told The Post Monday: “If the answer is, ‘No, you can’t talk to anyone, you can’t have anything, we’re simply not going to cooperate,’ then at that point the only avenue that we have left is the constitutional means to enforce the separation of powers, which is a serious discussion of impeachment.”

Which doesn’t mean they actually want to impeach him, which many of them don’t, because they fear the political blowback.

Why it isn’t glaringly obvious to everyone that this dangerous criminal maniac needs to be bundled out of there as soon as possible is simply beyond me.

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