Turn right at the obstruction

John Dean is trolling Trump – who has nothing on his schedule today so is free to watch all the tv.

Richard Nixon’s former White House counsel John Dean just began his testimony with a bang.

He first notes that he last appeared before the House judiciary committee on July 11, 1974, at the impeachment inquiry into president Nixon (who resigned in August, 1974).

Dean says: “I hope I can give a little historical perspective on the Mueller report. In many ways it is to Donald Trump what the ‘Watergate road map’ was to Nixon.”

He’s referring to the evidence Congress used to support its impeachment of Nixon, leading ultimately after the whole Watergate scandal, to the downfall of the president.

“Stated a little bit differently, Robert Mueller has provided this committee with a road map,” Dean said.

The Watergate ‘road map’ was the report that Watergate special prosecutor Leon Jaworski sent to Congress in 1974 and that informed its impeachment proceedings, which were already underway.

Mitch McConnell wasn’t there then.

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