Where did the adults go?

So we’ve got philosophy instructors publicly fantasizing about women dying in grease fires and we’ve got presidents calling Congressional representatives “pencil neck.”

“Little pencil neck Adam Schiff,” he says, to cheers and applause.

He goes on to say Schiff has the “smallest, thinnest neck” he’s ever seen. Are we supposed to assume “neck” is a euphemism for “dick”? No doubt we are. But keeping it above the waist…is a wide neck better than a thin one? Really?

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Trump has plenty of neck, for sure. Trump’s neck is as wide as his head, so you get a solid block down to the shoulders. But…is that a good thing? I’m not seeing it, particularly. Is it supposed to bespeak manliness? I’m not seeing that either.

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Looks like an ok neck to me.

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