Woman sets person on fire

A striking headline:

Florida woman sets person on fire in Taco Bell, and then may have gone on arson spree, cops say

Underneath is, I guess, a mugshot of the Florida woman:


A Tallahassee woman may have went on a arson spree Wednesday and Thursday, starting at a Taco Bell where a woman was set on fire, cops say.

So apparently the Miami Herald has illiterate reporters and no editors, but more to the point, I’m puzzled as to why in the headline the beardy guy in the photo is called a woman while the woman he doused in gas and set on fire is called a person.

On Wednesday, Mia Williams, a 32-year-old who was born male but identifies as female, walked into a Taco Bell, doused a woman with gasoline and then set them on fire, Tallahassee police said.

Them? Why them? Mia Williams set HER on fire.

Williams ran away and the victim was taken to a hospital by helicopter with serious injuries. As of Friday, the victim was still being treated, police said.

But at the end of the article we are told Williams was charged with homicide so it appears the woman person died of her horrific burns. But don’t misgender Williams! Feel free to misgender the victim, but DO NOT misgender the male perp who killed the woman.

After Williams fled the Taco Bell there was a string of fires and a police pursuit.

At around 6:40 a.m., a Tallahassee fire truck spotted Williams on a bike and began following her. When an officer arrived, he tried to stop Williams by tazing her twice, but both shots weren’t effective, police said.

As Williams continued to ride away, the officer decided to drive his patrol car over a curb and pin the front tire of Williams’ bike to fence because “[she] was a serious risk to public safety.”

Ah thank god for “[she].” The cops must have referred to Her as “he” and thank god the alert reporter or editor caught it and fixed it in brackets. Too bad they didn’t catch and fix “may have went” and the other solecisms, but obviously rightgendering Williams is by far the most urgent thing about this story.

Police eventually arrested Williams and found a cigarette lighter in her pocket.

Williams was only charged in relation to setting the person ablaze at the Taco Bell, not with the fires that followed.

Tallahassee police say the car and church fires are still being investigated by fire officials.

Williams was charged with premeditated homicide, resisting an officer with violence and aggravated on an officer.

I wonder what it is that is causing this huge surge in women committing violent crimes.

Updating to add: the reporter is on Twitter (and getting quite a few critical comments), so I asked him about the being treated/homicide charge conflict and he said last he knew the victim was being treated and the police charge was what it was. Doesn’t really change anything but at least it wasn’t a typo.

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