A forum for intimidating Democrats in the legislature

The Guardian has more up close reporting on the Michigan dramatics:

Despite a thunderstorm with heavy rains, dozens of protesters are on the Michigan State Capitol steps and lawn calling for an end to Michigan’s stay-at-home order, and demanding governor Gretchen Whitmer’s resignation.

The protest is organized by Michigan United For Liberty, a militia group that’s suing Whitmer over her orders.

The demonstrators include a small number of militiamen carrying assault rifles, and the protest is part of a high-tension week in Lansing.

Protesters gather outside the state Capitol in Lansing, Michigan.
Protesters gather outside the state Capitol in Lansing, Michigan. Photograph: Tom Perkins/Tom Perkins for the Guardian

It’s very banality of evil though, isn’t it. Geezers in chunky white trainers and rain jackets – they don’t look very scary. But it’s a mistake to think that appearances matter in that way. Not all murderous fascists look like Timothy McVeigh.

After armed militia members glared and shouted at the legislature on April 30 during a heated debate over extending Whitmer’s stay-at-home order through the end of May, Democrats called for a ban on guns in the State Capitol building.

They charge that the protests are no longer about the stay-at-home orders, but a forum for intimidating Democrats in the legislature.

The two seem to be basically intertwined. The connection doesn’t seem necessary or inherent, but it’s there.

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