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Meanwhile in another (yet related) part of the forest, Mhairi Black MP is defending her decision to take a drag queen to one of those children’s story time gigs we hear so much about. The thing is, the drag queen is on Twitter, with photos, and…well I’ll let a reporter tell the story:

Renfrewshire MP Mhairi Black has defended a decision to invite a drag queen into a primary school to read to pupils, despite an outcry from parents over sexually-explicit social media posts.

Drag queen FlowJob was invited into Glencoats Primary, in Paisley, last week to speak to pupils about the notorious Section 28 Act, which was later repealed.

Flowjob. Erm…is that really a necessary part of the primary school curriculum?

The event was attended by Paisley and Renfrewshire South MP Ms Black, who is a vocal activist for LGBT rights.

After parents voiced concern that sexually-explicit images were on FlowJob’s social media profile, Renfrewshire Council has said it would never have invited the performer had it been aware of the posts.


But Ms Black slated critics and accused them of homophobia.

She did.


As many many people are pointing out in replies, this isn’t a drag queen as in panto dame, this is a sexualized drag queen. Andy Lewis made a compelling point.

It’s like bringing a pole dancer to a primary school to “teach children to overcome stereotypes” or some such shit – the pole dancer part is a stereotype. So is “Flowjob.”

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