Another shameful headline:

Exeter lecturer accused of ‘transphobia’ for saying ‘only females menstruate’

Sometimes the stupid feels like a swamp of thick muddy stinking muck closing over your head. Of course only females menstruate. Only females gestate infants, so only females need to menstruate. Only men inseminate, only women menstruate. It’s like the first page of the sex ed book. What the hell is wrong with people, flinging accusations at people for saying something so obvious and basic and accurate and pointless to deny?

An Exeter lecturer has been accused of transphobia after a series of tweets sent from a private account were uncovered.

“Uncovered” – why? By whom? By what right? Are women not allowed to talk in private?

One of the tweets sent by Economics lecturer Eva Poen read: “Only female people menstruate. Only female people go through menopause.”

The tweets have been criticised by LGBT+ Society, who say the attitudes shown are damaging to the wellbeing of trans students on campus.

What “attitudes shown”? Uttering a factual and non-insulting truth is not an “attitude.” If it’s damaging to the wellbeing of trans students to point out obvious facts about women then trans students should just be learning to deal with it.

“She is in a position of power over vulnerable young people while openly singling out trans people, especially trans students, with dismissive, disdainful attitudes,” the society told The Exeter Tab.

She’s a woman; she’s an economics lecturer. She’s not a corporate executive or a dictator or a man. She has “power over” students in the sense that she has some say over how well they do in her classes, but that’s all – it’s not a very worldly or far-reaching kind of power. Women have a right to state true facts about women, and confused students shouldn’t be trying to punish them for doing so.

These damn fools are marching backward.

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