Accused of

Look at this stupid chain of “accused of”s and “previously criticized”s and “branded as”s all linked up to make a hearsay accusation of Wrongthink against…you’ll never guess…a woman. Funny how reliably it’s a woman these days.

A HISTORY professor accused of being transphobic will head a new women’s rights initiative at Oxford University.

Oh accused of; well what more do you need to know. It could be some random crackpot in the pub just before closing, but do let’s make it the basis for a story in the Oxford Mail because hey, it’s only a woman. Also why does she get to be a history professor when the inquisitors on Twitter don’t? What’s so great about her besides brains and education and discipline?

Professor of Modern History at Oxford University Selina Todd is one of the academics who will lead the research programme that was announced earlier this month.

But Prof Todd has previously been criticised by LGBT+ campaigners for holding ‘anti-trans’ views and supporting the group Woman’s Place, which was recently branded as a ‘trans-exclusionary hate group’ by the Labour Campaign for Trans Rights.

She’s one of the academics leading the research programme but wait wait wait SOMEBODY SAID SOMETHING.

Why is “somebody said something” even worth a newspaper story? Why do newspapers keep publishing them? The people who say this kind of shit tend to be very stupid and very blinkered and very aggressive toward women so why is it worth solemnly publishing their accusations in newspapers??

It is unclear how the new Women’s Equality and Inequality, which is part of the Oxford Martin Programme, will improve the rights of all women, including trans women, as both Prof Todd and Oxford University did not provide a comment when contacted by the Oxford Mail.

Improving the rights of all women does not entail improving the rights of trans women, because trans women are men. All this insisting that women can’t talk about women’s rights without being interrupted to be told we have to include men in women’s rights is such perverse backward-looking misogynist shit I can barely credit that we’re still arguing about it.

Also, “both X and Y did not” is bad English.

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