ANY topic you OPPOSE

Ooh a rally in Vancouver. Too bad they too are having a hazardous air day, but when it’s for a good cause…

Join A Celebration of Freedoms and Rights, No New Normal, The Line, Hugs Over Masks, CLEAR, Liberty Talk Canada and Unify the People in this event for all of BC to attend!!!!!

This is where we put our feet down and declare “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.”


ANY topic you OPPOSE such as MANDATORY masks / vaccines, contact tracing, 5G, communism, social distancing, media lies, child trafficking, lockdown measures, curfews, etc.

Any “topic” I oppose? Anything at all? What if I oppose stupid people who refuse to follow medical guidance during a pandemic? What if I oppose conservatism? What if I oppose anti-vaxxers?

ANY topic you DEMAND such as informed consent, my body my choice, privacy rights, exposing child traffickers, democracy, freedoms and rights etc.

I DEMAND my body my choice so my body gets to live in your house and you have to go live somewhere else.

We will also be supporting Berlin’s efforts, Montréal’s efforts, Dublin’s efforts, the citizens of Melbourne as well as ANY other country where draconian lockdown measures are being implemented.

Yayyyyyy! Sounds like a partay!

Sure enough.

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