“Being a white ciswoman gives me a voice”

Another twerp heaves another rock:

Harry Potter fans—yes, I’m addressing roughly the entire Millennial generation—we need to have another tough conversation with ourselves: We must end our Harry Potter fantasy now.

She goes on to detail what a passionate, indeed obsessive fan she was growing up, and then gets on with the stoning.

I’m also a ciswoman, which means my feelings are not the point right now. As significant as the franchise has been for me, if I am actually going to be the ally I fancy myself to be, that means I have to consider the damage Rowling (and potentially the entire series) has done to trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming people.

She’s a woman, so her feelings don’t matter right now. Won’t somebody please think of the feelings of men for once?

Being a white ciswoman gives me a voice—like a magical power, but a shitty one, because it’s a power others are denied.

Ahhhh there it is, spotted in the wild – the core Big Lie of this whole enterprise. She frames women as domineering over men, women as the people who have privilege that men lack, women who have an illegitimate hold on power, women who oppress and dominate and exploit and exclude.

It’s my job to use that “magical power” as a force for good and say what nobody wants to say. To bring to light that if Rowling had been a Hogwarts parent and heard that Lupin was a werewolf, her Karen-self likely would have demanded he be fired for putting her little Hufflepuff in danger.

There it is again – women are Karens, so now they’re the hated oppressor class and it’s not just ok but positively virtuous to do everything you can to destroy their lives.

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