Blood libel

This is blood-chilling.

A teenager commits suicide (if this implausible story is even true) and Councillor Penny Zenny (who is a trans woman) asks the teenager’s mother “Was it JK Rowling?” Objection, your honor: leading the witness. In fact grabbing the witness by the neck and trying to force words out of her mouth.

Penny Zenny is easy to find on Facebook. PZ (oh there’s a funny coincidence) now has a self-pitying post (also public) about the angry reaction PZ got from that vile accusation.

I expressed my disappointment at the suicide of a youth as a direct result of the things J K Rowling has been saying and I get a whole bunch of people attacking me, not knowing my history, or the fact I have been a Samaritan, etc etc. Seems people get off of hate and ignorance.

Except the claim that the suicide was “a direct result of the things J K Rowling has been saying” came from Penny Zenny. He hasn’t offered any other reason to believe it’s true. What a horrific thing to do.

He seems to have taken down the first post. Good move, but shit move to post it in the first place.

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