Born in the wrong underpants

An “activist” called Benjamin Butterworth was on the tv yesterday saying how terrible JK Rowling is. He has an interesting history.

On Tuesday 17th September The Times published a story about parents who are raising their child as ‘gender neutral’.

September 2019 that is.

Hobbit Humphrey and Jake England-Johns are keeping the sex of their 17-month-old child a secret, even from their own family. They refer to the toddler by the pronoun “they” and plan to allow them to choose their own gender.

Journalists Sonia Poulton and Benjamin Butterworth discussed this story on Sky News. They talked about the projection of harmful gender stereotypes onto children and the conflation of sex and gender before turning to the idea that one can be born in the wrong body.

BUTTERWORTH: Of course some people are born in the wrong body.

POULTON: No, no. I have to take complete issue with that. That is a really dangerous statement.

Butterworth continued to defend the absurd claim that one can be born in the “wrong” body (so many slapstick cartoons suggest themselves).

Butterworth is at least consistent – he “identified as” black for awhile – at least long enough to fill a slot meant for a black person at a conference.

LSE students wrote an open letter to Butterworth, asking him to stand down and give his place to a black delegate. He did not.

He stopped “identifying as” black after that, but he’s cheerfully dogpiling on women who say that being a woman isn’t like putting on a coat.

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