Can I ask you to genuflect more?

There’s a Twitter account called MeTooSTEM. I think of MeToo as a feminist movement, a movement for women who face sexual abuse on the job. I guess I turn out to be wrong about that.

Open and safe for all? So, including men who sexually abuse women on the job?

I have no idea what the RTs were, because of course they’re gone.

A later tweet is…not so welcoming.

How can they know that no trans woman is a threat to women? How can they know that there are no trans women who fake it in order to intrude on women?

They don’t say, of course. At any rate, any women who don’t believe the trans dogma and thought MeTooSTEM was for them now know otherwise. MeTooSTEM considers them “TERFs” and thus enemies.

Whoops there’s a volunteer disappearing under the wheels.

But even that wasn’t enough – there is now yet more groveling and apologizing. Please don’t hit us! Please! We’re sorry!

It’s never enough though. Grovel harder!

Updating to add: I found the Offending retweets after all.

Thank god we have vigilant women combing Twitter for evil women who think women get to have some spaces that are just for women.

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