Can we see the documents please?

The House is looking into it.

Two House committees have called on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to turn over documents related to reports that the agency is seizing orders of coronavirus medical supplies from states, as well as the involvement of President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, in overseeing those efforts.

I wish that said “ordered” instead of “called on.” This shit should not be negotiable.

The committees also requested a response to media reports that that agency was “redirecting” medical supplies ordered by states and hospitals. Officials in at least a half-dozen states have reported that FEMA hijacked supplies sent to states without informing them.

“After encouraging the states to take care of themselves, the Trump administration now appears to be positioning FEMA to engage in the redirection of private supply chains — but the agency’s opaque and evolving processes are clearly not meeting the needs that communities have right now for [personal protective equipment] and medical supplies,” the letter said.

The committees requested documents “to understand” wtf Jared Kushner is doing in all this.

Thompson and Maloney said their committees “do not understand the role” that Kushner is playing in FEMA’s efforts.

That makes 325 million of us.

“It appears that Mr. Kushner is unclear about basic facts regarding the purpose of the Strategic National Stockpile,” the letter said, noting that Kushner “erroneously” described it as “our stockpile” that is “not supposed to be the state stockpiles that they then use.”

Also, he’s a money-grubbing useless little shit, who should be nowhere near even a job keeping the toilets at a National Park clean, let alone managing supplies to deal with a flaming pandemic.

The chairs were also “troubled” by reports that Kushner’s actions could be “circumventing protocols that ensure all states’ requests are handled appropriately.”

“We are particularly troubled that Mr. Kushner’s work may even involve ‘directing FEMA and HHS officials to prioritize specific requests from people who are able to get Kushner on the phone,'” they wrote.

In other words, friends, as in that loathsome little story he told at the press briefing last week about a friend of Donnie’s who phoned and so Donnie phoned him and so he, the Petulant Prince, took care of it, because that’s how important he is.

Kushner has assembled a so-called “shadow” task force filled with start-up entrepreneurs who have “issued orders to health agencies” and sparked “resentment” among federal officials, according to The New York Times.

One senior official described Kushner’s team as a “frat party” that “descended from a UFO and invaded the federal government,” while others criticized the group’s use of private email and free teleconferencing services to discuss sensitive policy issues.

Why the hell would we even need a “shadow task force”? How about letting the full sunlight task force do their god damn job?

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