Captured battering a reporter

Yaniv is still playing his disgusting games.

Tumultuous trans troublemaker Jessica Yaniv was caught on camera pummeling a reporter Monday in B.C..

In a widely circulated video, Yaniv, 32, is captured battering Rebel Media reporter Keean Bexte outside a Surrey courthouse.

But that’s not enough! There always has to be more!

Later, Yaniv allegedly confronted Post Millennial’s Amy Eileen Hamm, accusing the reporter of taking photos of [him]* in a women’s washroom.

Cops dutifully searched Hamm’s phone. None of the alleged photos were there.

What actually happened is that Hamm saw Yaniv as she (Hamm) entered the washroom, and she promptly backed out. Yaniv is now claiming (on Twitter) that she sexually assaulted him.

*Media outlets really need to stop calling Yaniv “her.” He’s a large violent aggressive man who assaults people as they film him doing so, and tells lies about women who try to use the women’s room while he’s lurking in it.

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