Complete absence of thought

Damn. There I was thinking no one would be rushing forward to say “Barbie Kardashian” is no threat to anyone and that it’s transphobic and evil to say he is. DINGDING wrong again.

They also posted the statement on Facebook.

We are profoundly disappointed with the recent piece shared by the Limerick Leader. The Limerick Feminist Network have been active in Limerick and working on the ground with the feminist community for several years and we are disappointed that we were not contacted for comment. Never the less, here are our views on the matter.

Trans women are not a threat to cis women. With the rise of the far-right and the huge increase in calls to domestic and sexual violence support services since the beginning of lockdown it is clear that some of the biggest threats to women right now are cis men and white supremacy.

The notion that cis men are pretending to identify as female, changing their names and obtaining certificates of gender recognition just to get access to abuse and victimise women is not only ludicrous but completely inaccurate and a narrative that makes trans women incredibly unsafe.

Trans women are women, trans men are men. We stand with all of our trans and LGBTQIA+ siblings and will continue to promote and practice feminism that is inclusive and intersectional.

It is never okay to dead name a trans person. There is no place for transphobia in Irish feminism.

We hope that the Limerick Leader takes the time to learn from this and urge them to contact and include the diverse voices of local community organisations in future.

So, you know, if you’re out and about in Limerick and you run into “Barbie Kardashian” on the street you shouldn’t turn and walk swiftly away, you should approach him and offer your warm kind compassionate intersectional inclooosivity.

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