Down with this sort of thing

A guy who writes for Forbes on “LGBT life, identities and being queer” wants us to know how wrong the Spectator is on trans issues.

Being transgender was declassified from the international classifications of diseases by the UN’s WHO body last year, and numerous trans activists have pointed out their lived experience is not a debate.

That doesn’t tell us much. Maybe the WHO was bullied into the “declassifying.” The second item is hand-waving bullshit. If someone’s purported “lived experience” relies on a belief system that defines women in a way that most women don’t want to be defined, then the belief system damn well is open to debate. Women get to say we’re not a feeling in a man’s head, and our “lived experience” is relevant too.

Stop Funding Hate, a U.K. based organisation that campaigns to brands and organisations to pull funding from media with hateful editorials have been focusing on the Spectator recently. They had posted celebrating the person who complained and “highlighted the magazine’s toxic track record of transphobic coverage.”

But is the coverage “transphobic” or analytical? I say it’s the latter. It’s not “phobic” to dispute fanciful truth claims.

“As a parent of a trans child, I’ve been aware of the trans-hostile reporting by the Spectator for quite some time.” Helen, who runs the trans advocacy Twitter account @mimmymum tells me.

Forbes is consulting mimmymum now. You couldn’t make it up.

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