End of.

“End of” is not a persuasive rhetorical device, let alone an argument.

The word “are” is not magic. Saying Xs are Ys doesn’t change reality. I can say “houses are turnips” but that doesn’t make it true, not even if I go on to say “End of.”

Women are human. Women are people. Those are reasonable claims, and true if we all agree on what “women” means and what “human” and “people” mean.

People have rights. That’s a moral claim more than it is a factual claim, and there’s a lot of disagreement over what those rights are exactly, so saying “End of” after that one is also pretty silly. It’s not end of so much as beginning of.

One of the debatable rights these quarrels have made central lately is the “right” to be seen, accepted, endorsed, “validated” as whatever you say you are. I think it takes only about 5 seconds worth of thought to see how precarious the idea of such a right is, since if it were a real right we could all empty each other’s bank accounts.

And then there’s the image.

End of.

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