Today Trump is blending theocracy with medical malpractice murder.

But they’re not essential. Religion is supposed to be a spiritual thing, so clearly the bodily presence of a particular human can’t be essential. Religion is surely high up on the list of activities, joys, supports, sources of meaning or enlightenment or consolation or all those that can be conducted in solitude or at home with family as opposed to requiring physical presence during a pandemic. I get that the religious community is a major part of the benefits, but I also get that during a pandemic it’s got to be possible to hold the community in your heart as opposed to risking infecting it.

But not Trump. Not Trump who isn’t even religious himself but uses religion as a club to bludgeon Democrats. Not Trump who has chosen to make the pandemic a political issue instead of a medical one.

So that many more people can be infected, many more hospitals can be swamped again, many more people can die…all so that little Don can get his way.

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