For a guy who couldn’t

Trump has been making a compelling case for something John Bolton something something is lying something. Compelling, I tells ya.

Note the compulsive “sir” mention. Note also the blithe admission that people told him it was a bad idea and he did it anyway and now he’s screaming at us about it as if it were someone else’s fault that he did a typically stupid incompetent reckless thing. Note all of that. Note that he admits he hired someone who would have gotten us into three wars by now if he hadn’t been fired. Note that he admits he hired a reckless crazed warmonger and is whining about it now only because Bolton is a threat to his personal ass. Note it note it note it.

I don’t know, Don, but more to the point, why didn’t you? If Bolton would have taken us into three wars then why did you hire him?

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