Happy Give Mother Coronavirus Day!

Speaking of how heeding medical advice makes Macho Men feel weak

There you go. Not wanting to die gasping for air in an ICU equals you’re SCARED, you’re AFRAID, you’re a COWARD and a WEAKLING and UNAMERICAN.

The Denver Post has more:

A Castle Rock restaurant saw big crowds Sunday when it fully reopened for Mother’s Day in open defiance of the statewide public health order that limits restaurants to takeout and delivery services.

Customers packed C&C Coffee and Kitchen on Trail Boss Drive on Sunday, filling the restaurant’s tables, its patio and forming a line out the door for dine-in service.

That’ll show that god damn Democrat liberal Obama-loving corona virus!

C&C Coffee and Kitchen owner April Arellano also did not immediately return a request for comment Sunday, but a Twitter account for the restaurant said it was reopening to stand “for America, small businesses, the Constitution and against the overreach of our governor in Colorado!!”

And God, and Trump, and Putin, and staring into the sun during an eclipse, and pussy-grabbing, and forced pregnancy, and MAGA!

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