He didn’t care enough about their safety

Michigan’s Attorney General was not impressed with Trump’s bratty refusal to wear a mask at the Ford plant yesterday.

“The president is like a petulant child who refuses to follow the rules,” [Dana] Nessel said in a Thursday evening appearance on CNN. “This is no joke.”

Nessel, who wrote a strongly worded letter to Trump ahead of his visit telling him that he had a “legal” and “moral responsibility” to wear a mask, unleashed on the president in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. Nessel slammed Trump for sending a “terrible message” and said his unwillingness to adhere to Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s executive order and Ford’s company policy mandating face coverings showed that he does not care about anyone but himself.

“He is a ridiculous person, and I am ashamed to have him be president of the United States of America,” she said. “I hope that the voters of Michigan will remember this when November comes. That he didn’t care enough about their safety, he didn’t care about their welfare, he didn’t respect them enough just to engage in the very simple task, the painless task, the easy task of wearing a mask when he was provided one.”

She also said her office is “going to have to have a very serious conversation with Ford in the event that they permitted the president to be in publicly enclosed places in violation of the order.”

Trump of course wasn’t going to let that go unshouted at.

The time stamps are local to me; it was 11:14 and 11:20 PM his time. He doesn’t sit up late reading briefs, and he doesn’t go to sleep at a sensible hour to ensure alertness the next day, he stays up ragetweeting at public officials.

In her interview with Blitzer, Nessel said Thursday’s events were “extremely disappointing and yet totally predictable,” likely referring to past instances in which Trump has not respected mask policies — even those implemented by the White House.

Still, Nessel stressed that Trump’s actions are “very, very concerning.”

“He’s conveying the worst possible message to people who cannot afford to be on the receiving end of terrible misinformation,” she said, noting that the virus has now killed more than 93,000 people nationwide. Michigan alone has recorded about 53,500 confirmed cases and more than 5,100 deaths, according to most recent figures.

In other words what he’s doing will cause unnecessary deaths. This raises the interesting question whether Trump does it anyway because he’s too stupid to grasp the point or because he’s too evil to care.

On the subject of taking action against Ford, Nessel did not go into specifics, but she warned the automaker that Thursday’s visit could have jeopardized the safety of its employees.

“They knew exactly what the order was, and if they permitted anyone, even the president of the United States, to defy that order, I think it has serious health consequences, potentially to their workers,” she said. “The last thing we want to see is for this particular plant now to have to close its doors … because someone may have been infected by the president. That is a real possibility.”

Remind us what the plant is making? Oh yes, ventilators. Ventilators.

That’s Trump’s day’s work.

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