How are women supposed to know the difference?

It’s no skin of James Harris’s nose, is it. Men ignoring women’s boundaries is no threat to him, so by all means Eddie Izzard should do whatever he wants.

Graham Linehan is not impressed with what his colleague is doing.

I know a woman who met Eddie and he thought it would be a laugh to go into the women’s toilets with her. She was embarrassed and uncomfortable but felt she couldn’t say anything. This discomfort and embarrassment is now Eddie’s gift for every woman who has the bad luck to encounter him in the wild.

Eddie, how are women supposed to know the difference between men like you, and men like Mark Brown? How are they to know that Mark is not one of the ‘nice ones’ like you? .

And how are they to know you are not one of the nasty ones like Mark Brown? We can’t know either way, which is why we’re not brought up being told to trust all strangers no matter what.

Mark Brown by the way is the student who put on a long silver wig and a dress to chase a woman through the streets and then assault her.

It is the height of male privilege to intrude into women’s spaces and expect women to just love it. In fact, when a group of teenage girls DIDN’T love it, Eddie painted them as nasty bullies, instead of young women protecting their privacy and dignity.

So, Eddie, don’t be so fucking stupid. You’re not a woman, you’re just a man with oddly low levels of empathy for the sex you’re appropriating.

Oddly but all too familiarly.

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