Speaking of Trump gasping every few words this morning…how about that physical he never finished?

It’s been more than six months since President Donald Trump claimed to have started his annual physical at Walter Reed hospital but the White House is declining to explain why he has yet to complete the yearly doctor’s examination.

It’s not because he’s in perfect health, we know that much.

Asked in early March about when he would complete his physical, the president told reporters, “I’m going probably over the next 90 days. I’m so busy, I can’t do it.”

But he’s not “so busy.” We know that. He spends hours every day tweeting, and hours every day watching Fox.

That’s another “how to be normal” item, that photo. That way he flaps his hands out while keeping his arms clamped to his sides so that he looks like a stuffed toy with big webbed feet but no arms and legs. He does it a lot.

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