Way to inspire everyone to vote for Trump – start the bullying EARLY.

In a show of support of questionable political value, pro-Trump demonstrators clogged freeways Sunday across the country, from blue states like New JerseyNew York, and Washington state, to red-leaning Texas and purple Arizona. “WHOOO! We shut it down baby! We shut it down!” says one pro-Trump videographer as he pans the camera nearly 360 degrees, showing viewers the group of cars that had brought traffic to a complete standstill along the northbound Garden State Parkway in New Jersey.

Whoooooooo baby! Who knew that if a few people made a plan they could stop traffic on a freeway by simply forming a clump across all the lanes and then slowing to a stop? Besides everyone? The genius and skill and concern for others definitely make me want to vote for the mean blowhard from Queens.

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