Is being called

This is an annoying thing that Twitter does.

Who wrote that? Is there a person called Twitter who wrote it? Of course not, so who did? It looks like a diktat from god. That matters because it’s not neutral fact-reporting, it’s tendentious. The word “cisgender” is new jargon which is meaningless and redundant unless you buy into the nonsensical novel dogma that sex is not a matter of what body you have but of “identity.” Without that dogma there is no need for any “cisgender” in front of “man” or “woman” and it doesn’t mean anything when it is there. We might as well start talking about cis daffodils and cis squirrels and cis oak trees. A “cisgender male serial killer” is just a male serial killer. Male serial killers have featured in quite a few movies over the decades, and nobody ever felt any need to clarify that they were cis male serial killers as opposed to…um…that other kind, whatever that might be.

And who are all these reviewers who are saying what Twitter says they are saying? List them, link to them, don’t just anonymously announce them without any substantiation.

And what exactly is “an anti-trans plotline”?

And two uses of the word “community” in one sentence is overkill. The “cis” community says fuck off.

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