It would totally work

I saw that “Dawkins” was trending on Twitter so I had to look.

But what is meant by “work” here? What is the “eu” in “eugenics”? What kind of “eu” are we talking about? What “facts” are we invoking?

He didn’t say. The tweet just stands alone, with nothing leading up to it and no elaboration following it. He did later respond to the fact that people responded though.

So the “eu” he has in mind is faster running or higher jumping?

If so…I still don’t see what his point is. The “could” in “we could breed” leaves out the fact that it would take a whole new arrangement of society to do that – which is to say no, actually, we couldn’t, unless you think we “could” also install a Brave New World type of social structure that would be stable for generations. It’s not true that we “could” do that for the simple reason that no woman is ever going to agree to gestate babies for the purpose of Higher Jumping.

Plus I still don’t see what his point is because who disagrees with what is apparently his basic point that it’s theoretically possible to breed humans for particular desired traits? It’s also theoretically possible to breed humans for food; we know that; it’s not really something we need to be told.

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