Liberate Minnesota?

Trump is erupting again.

Liberate them from…measures to slow the spread of the virus? Liberate them to get sick and die or survive with reduced lung capacity or damaged kidneys or both? Funny kind of liberation.

Jesus, the spectacle of Donald fucking Trump telling anyone else on earth to stop talking. He never shuts up and he never lets other people talk if he wants to talk over them. He interrupts reporters at those press briefing campaign rallies, shouting “Excuse me” and pointing his nasty stubby finger at them, then he talks and talks and talks and says nothing but bullshit. And he’s telling Governor Cuomo to stop talking.

Ah yes, the states do. It’s all the fault of the states.

But wasn’t that the states’ fault? You just said…

The thousands of cases in New York are not ridiculous.

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