Maybe if she had a taste of it

The Glinner update tells us there is a social worker, therapist and adjunct associate professor of social work at the University of Southern California called Ken Howard who thinks JK Rowling needs to be punished.

Ruth spotted him commenting on a thread about JK Rowling on the LGBTQ Nation Facebook page. In comments he now appears to have deleted, Howard stated that Rowling’s defence of women’s sex-based rights needs punishing “by way of a traumatic vaginal injury”.

It’s weird what a lot of angry trans activists or allies go straight to that. Not she’s wrong, not she’s wrong and doing harm, but she needs to be violently attacked in the genitals.

But Rowling isn’t stoking and abetting violence against trans women.

It’s funny how men like Ken Howard love trans women so fiercely and hate women even more fiercely. What does that suggest? To me it suggests that they know damn well trans women are not women, and that their loyalty is to other men while their violent loathing is reserved for women. Not pretend women, not trans women, but real women, the kind it’s possible to punish by way of a traumatic vaginal injury.

Rowling of course does not “promote trans women to be raped, maimed, or killed.” She doesn’t do that or anything resembling it, but therapist dude here does literally that toward her.

Ken Howard is the founder and director of GayTherapyLA. On his website he states, “I have devoted my professional career as a therapist almost exclusively to working with gay men as individuals or in gay male couples”. Only a couple of months ago he wrote about the need for gay men to have their own safe spaces.

So he gets that gay men need safe spaces, but he wants to see Rowling get a traumatic injury in the vagina for saying the same about women.

Unpleasant fella.

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