Social media ACLU continues to make a fool of itself, no doubt because it lets Chase Strangio set policy on trans issues.

Trans women are murdered by men, usually in a context of “sex work.” Men are not inspired by feminists to commit violence against women who identify as men; that’s not how any of this works. Male violence is not the fault of women.

Also…quite a few women have been murdered in the US this year too. What about them?

Also, nice job of amplifying the bullying of Rowling yet again.

Also, there’s no such thing as “transmisogyny.” Misogyny is hatred of women, end of story. Men don’t get to appropriate the term to describe attitudes to them. Jessica Klug doesn’t get to complain of “transracism” and Caitlyn Jenner doesn’t get to complain of “transmisogyny.”

It’s clear why they want to do it: it means they get to square the oppression. Multiply misogyny by hostility to men who wear dresses and boom you have a much bigger number than mere Karens get to have. Neener neener we are too so more oppressed than you.

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