Nonsense begets nonsense

More of the same pious mindless glurge.

“Everyone should be able to love themselves and be loved for who they are,” she says earnestly. Really? Is that true? No. Should Trump be loved for who he is? No. Should he be able to love himself for who he is? No.

Funny how feminism never claimed this. Funny how no human rights struggle claimed this, until the trans hyperbole train rolled into the station. There is no Right to be Loved (except possibly children’s right to parental love). Human rights aren’t about love and they can’t depend on love. This is probably too obvious to bother saying, and I’ve said it before anyway.

But why is it that the trans movement leans so heavily on this kind of emotive glurge? Maybe because it’s so unreasonable to begin with, to the extent that it demands belief and avowal that men are women if they say they are. Once you go for the quack bullshit assertion you might as well add more, I guess. “We are literally women because we say so, and you have to love us.”

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