Not just women

The ACLU is right in line with the current craze for reviving misogyny.

Yeah. Those selfish greedy mean women trying to keep pregnability just for themselves. EVERYONE can get pregnant. EVERYONE can be forced to drop out of high school because he gets pregnant. EVERYONE can lose his chance to go to university because he gets pregnant. EVERYONE can be forced to give up a job because his employers don’t provide maternity parental leave. EVERYONE can spend nine months getting increasingly uncomfortable and tired. EVERYONE can push a baby out of a narrow channel with considerable sweat and pain. EVERYONE can provide milk for an infant. EVERYONE can face the practical difficulties of providing milk for a baby while going to university or working at a job. EVERYONE can do all of this, and none of this is an interruption or disruption of plans that affects only women, women only. Not at all. Women are just women; the hell with them.

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