Out of towner

Seattle has a celebrity visitor, all the way from the Arctic.

Rare snowy owl perches on rooftops in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood,  drawing bird watchers

This snowy owl has been wowing residents and birders in Queen Anne.* It is rare for the owls to be seen in this region, and the owls always create a stir in Seattle, where with their striking appearance they can hardly be missed. Their color evokes their usual home in the Arctic. Snowies are the largest of owls, with a wingspan that can reach nearly 5 feet. They also are among the heaviest, weighing in at about 5 pounds. 

I went to see her today. Google actually had the address – apparently she really likes that particular chimney so that’s where she spends the day – which made it easy. No joy on the street side, but I’d seen photos of people watching her in an alley so I went around to the alley and sure enough there were people with their professional cameras…and then there was the owl. Snuggled up to the chimney just as in the photo.

I knew a pair at the zoo long ago, but I’ve never seen a wild one before. Not too shabby.

Photos: A rare snowy owl appears in Queen Anne | Seattle Refined

*Updating to add – I forgot to mention that Queen Anne is my neighborhood (named after the style of architecture, not the monarch). Owl is 5 blocks north and 6 east, in an area I walk around all the time. Talk about lucky.

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