Rebranding and its discontents

Rebranding: the conversation.

But they weren’t excluding people. There’s no need to name every subset of women in order to avoid excluding some particular subset. It can be a good thing to underline that all subsets are welcome, especially subsets that really do face oppression and neglect. (Which implies that I don’t think women who identify as men really do face oppression and neglect. That’s fair. I think the whole idea of being trans is a pretty elite phenomenon, and I also think not being constantly “centered” by everyone else doesn’t qualify as oppression and neglect.) It can be a good thing, but underlining that all are welcome does not require erasing the set.

Suppose you have a group that supports workers. You can underline that that means all workers, of all races, sexes, nationalities, immigration statuses, and so on – but what you don’t do is drop the word “workers.” You especially don’t do that to soothe the feelings of rich college kids who “identify as” workers.

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