Republicans may react

They don’t have the votes.

Senator Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) on Tuesday said he doesn’t have the votes to block a resolution to allow witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial, according to multiple reports.

McConnell made the admission in talks with Senate Republicans after President Trump’s defense team concluded its arguments.

If the Senate votes to summon witnesses, Democrats will likely attempt to call on former White House national security adviser John Bolton to give testimony in the trial…

Republicans may react to a subpoena of Bolton by summoning Hunter Biden and the government whistleblower, whose complaint sparked the impeachment inquiry, to testify.

Why yes, likely they will.

I still imagine a scenario in which several of them say to themselves “Oh fuck this shit” and give it up. I’m sure being a Senator is lots of fun and I know it’s very lucrative, what with all the lobbying choices available upon retirement or losing an election, but even so there’s a limit to what people can stomach. Trump is bound to be ruining most of the fun, and the lobbying gigs will still be there.

Their big response as of now is to say “Well then we’ll subpoena Hunter Biden so ha!” Which…ok, go ahead. What’s their point? His taking that job was grotesque, Joe Biden’s failure to tell him not to was grotesque, but that doesn’t change anything about what Trump has done.

Also, Hunter Biden shouldn’t have taken that job, but that goes times a billion for Trump, let alone his gruesome children and fixers and pretend lawyers.

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