Sad to unpack them

Bookstores have to be safe spaces!

Don’t they? Isn’t that the whole point of them? Or have I misundertood?

Rabble Books thinks they do.

An Australian bookstore will no longer stock J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, in order to make the shop a “safer space” for customers.

It’s a sad fact about the Harry Potter books that they tend to burst into flames after you’ve read a few pages. No, that’s not it, they’re laced with arsenic. No, wait, they’re contaminated with plutonium. No, I know, there are tigers and rattlesnakes between the pages.

Rabble Books and Games located in Maylands, a suburb of Perth, made the announcement on Facebook this week, saying that it would no longer house Rowling’s books and those written under her pseudonym Robert Galbraith after her latest novel has been labeled as transphobic. The store’s Facebook page has since been deactivated.

The post, which was written by store owner Nat Latter, said the shop would “not put books by transphobes on the shelves” and asked customers for suggested alternatives.

Gee. I wonder if they carry any books by misogynists. Racists? Antisemites? Snobs? Reverse snobs? Criminals? Exploiters? People who put empty milk cartons back in the fridge?

“While stocking a book isn’t an endorsement (good grief, that would be a minefield), and we will always take orders for books that aren’t in stock, there are more worthy books to put on the shelf — books that don’t harm communities and won’t make us sad to unpack them,” a spokesperson for Rabble Books and Games wrote.

Oh, okay, that helps – the books have to be worthy.

Worthy how? Worthy in what sense? Worthy according to whom?

Again…for the fifty thousandth time…I have to point out that is has never worked this way for women. No general bookshop has ever decided not to keep misogynist books on the shelves. That’s no doubt partly because there would be so few books they could keep on the shelves if they did that.

See, contempt for women is just normal, just everyday life. Updike and his buddies are just what literature is. “Transphobia” on the other hand…now that’s evil. People who don’t believe that men can become women by saying the words are worse than misogynist, worse than Nazis, worse than anyone.

The decision follows furious backlash against Rowling in recent months due to her constant attacks on transgender people.

Liar. Who wrote this? [looks] Someone called Serena Sonoma. Well, she’s a liar. Rowling doesn’t “attack” trans people, and what she has said about the ideology around what “trans” means has not been anything like “constant.”

The liar then instantly undercuts her own lie by giving all of two examples of this purported “transphobia,” first last December then “earlier this summer” – so that’s hardly constantly, is it. What Rowling said wasn’t “phobic” anyway, but the “constantly” is an extra layer of destructive lying.

Anyway, skip Rabble Books near Perth if you want to buy a Harry Potter book off the shelf.

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