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I hate quoting National Review

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) said earlier this week that she would only nominate a Secretary of Education who was pre-screened by a “young transgender person” in order to ensure that her pick would be “committed to creating a welcoming environment, a safe environment, and a full educational curriculum for everyone.”

Wellllll…except for women of course. But that’s ok, women are such a tiny minority compared to transgender persons.

Speaking Sunday at a townhall in Iowa, Warren responded to a question about how to address a lack of LGBTQ history and sexual education in public schools.

That’s a bad question in the first place. L and G are not the same as T, and most of their issues are different, and some of their rights are in tensions. Some of us think lesbians get to decide for themselves who their sex/romance partners will be, but some transgender persons think lesbians must have sex/romance with men who identify as lesbians. That’s a conflict.

“It starts with a Secretary of Education who has a lot to do with where we spend our money, with what gets advanced in our public schools, with what the standards are,” she replied.

The Massachusetts Democrat went on to explain that any candidate for the position first had to be a former public-school teacher, and then had to go through an interview conducted by a young transgender person Warren had met on the campaign trail who was worried about the lack of a “welcoming community” in public schools.

No. We don’t want to put schoolchildren in charge of Cabinet hiring, not even a small fraction of Cabinet Hiring. We’ve seen more than enough of that kind of thing from Don the Disgusting and we don’t want new instances of it.

Warren has released several plans highlighting her agenda to promote transgender talking points. A recent plan detailing how to restore “Integrity and Competence to Government after Trump” included a commitment to have at least half of Warren’s Cabinet be filled by “women and non-binary people.”

Again – no. “Non-binary people” can just mean men who call themselves non-binary so they can get that job in Warren’s Cabinet. No, a man who calls himself non-binary is not the same kind of thing as a woman, and hiring one doesn’t up the stats on hiring women. No.

In October, Warren released her criminal justice reform platform, which included an end to the “Trump Administration’s dangerous policy” of jailing prisoners based on their biological sex…

What’s genuinely dangerous is jailing men who say they are women alongside actual women.

No to all of this.

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