Sir, he did this, and he did that

Trump says it’s the parents of dead soldiers who gave him the virus.

In an interview on Fox Business, Trump told host Maria Bartiromo that he “figured there would be a chance” he would become infected with the coronavirus, citing his meetings with the families of America’s war dead.

He said the family members would approach him to “tell me a story about, ‘My son, sir, was in Iraq.’ Or, ‘He was in Afghanistan.’ And, ‘Sir, he did this, and he did that, and then he charged in order to save his friends.’ And, ‘Yes, sir, he was killed, but he saved his friends. He’s so brave, sir.’”

That’s four “sir”s in that one short passage.

Apart from the meetings the president described Thursday, he has held large-scale campaign rallies in recent months where attendees do not practice social distancing and many of his supporters do not wear face masks.

Trump also presided over a packed, mostly mask-less White House Rose Garden ceremony last month where he nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

That ceremony, which was attended by numerous administration officials and members of Congress, has since been identified as a potential superspreader event.

Yes yes yes but that can’t have been it, those were all important people, rich people, Republican important rich people, they can’t have been infected, it has to be one of those dirty common people whose children join the military.

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