Some mollification for your giant

I’ve been seeing a lot of talk in the past few days about a children’s book called Brenda is a Sheep. The book won a book award.

Amy Sousa reads along and discusses the story:

Her video is entertaining as well as instructive.

The book itself is ridiculously confusing. It’s a sort of Little Red Riding Hood turned on its head, but…what? What’s her point? That wolves, however hungry and toothy and eager to eat you, will be so touched and pleased that you made them a vegetarian breakfast that they won’t eat you until lunchtime? If that’s the point, what’s the point of such a point?

Now maybe the point is meant to be something like…this is not easy…something like if there is a ferocious predator in your midst, the thing to do is be very very sweet to it, to gain a little time in which to THE END. That’s the best I can do. The story doesn’t explain why or how a [spoiler alert] breakfast of grass lasagna will make any difference in the long run. That matters because it’s the whole issue, isn’t it. We can flatter Putin over breakfast and no doubt he will flatter us back, smiling in his wolfish way, but that doesn’t change anything. Trump can be mollified in the moment by pouring oil on his throbbing ego, but Trump’s moments are, shall we say, disconnected. The mollification doesn’t last.

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