Stains on the CV

We at least have some hope that the people who worked for Trump won’t be able to land the usual hotshot jobs.

Condoleezza Rice, former secretary of state under President George W Bush, is now director of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, which also gave safe harbour to Trump alumni Jim Mattis and HR McMaster.

White House press secretaries can prosper in the media or corporate world. Jay Carney, who was Barack Obama’s spokesman from 2011 to 2014, is a senior vice-president and head of public relations for Amazon. His successor, Josh Earnest, who had a spell as an NBC News and MSNBC analyst, is now senior vice-president and chief communications officer at United Airlines.

But Kayleigh McEnany, who currently occupies the podium, may find such work harder to come by.

Since she stood up there and brazenly lied to us week after week, yes she probably will. Wacko right-wing outlets might hire her, but ones that care at all about a reputation for honesty won’t.

There are some possible refuges in Washington. The Heritage Foundation, a conservative thinktank that has hosted speeches by Trump officials and endorsers, and the Federalist Society, hugely influential in the president’s appointment of more than 200 conservative judges, could look favourably on those who stayed loyal to the bitter end.

Possibly, but I think even they prefer people with decent reputations.

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