The dice are loaded and ready

“Grace” Lavery gets a pile of crap published at Foreign Policy. Why FP is that gullible is beyond me. It’s about the Tavistock ruling (so that makes it suitable for FP because it’s in Another Country?).

In effect, the courts intervened in the transition-related care of children experiencing gender dysphoria, putting those children and their families in the position of having to seek care abroad.

But calling it “care” assumes the very thing that is at issue – that puberty blockers are a legitimate treatment for a genuine medical condition that needs treatment. That’s a very shaky assumption, and for Keira Bell, for instance, it turned out to be entirely wrong. Lavery is cheating by treating it as obvious and universally agreed that puberty blockers are a “treatment.”

The decision is an unprecedented juridical attack on the LGBT community in the U.K., in which the British state has asserted a right to enforce unwanted puberty—and to arrest transitions that are already in progress—on the slimmest of pretexts.

Another cheat. It’s not an “attack” at all, but whatever it is, it is not on “the LGBT community.” L G and B people don’t want puberty blockers, and it’s stacking the deck to try to portray the ruling as a form of homopobia.

We’re used to this kind of deceptive garbage in blog posts and tweets, but Foreign Policy ought to be able to see it and reject it.

It also reflects a disturbing escalation of anti-transgender policy across the United Kingdom.

But it isn’t “anti-transgender,” it’s anti-harmful medical interventions on children.

A formerly highly marginal ideology, the so-called gender critical position, has captured British institutions.

Which twin has the ideology here? The gender critical position is not an ideology so much as it’s a rejection of an ideology – the trans ideology that inculcates such dogmatic truths as “puberty blockers are essential treatment” and “protecting adolescents from dangerous medical interference is transphobic.” The foundational claim that people can have the body of one sex and the mind of another is an ideological claim of a fantastical nature.

The court’s decision was lauded not just by the British right-wing press like the Spectator but, more strikingly, by center-left media like the Observer, which applauded the decision, suggesting that it will “ensure that children will now receive the protection to which they are legally entitled.”

Yes, and what does that tell us? Perhaps that there may be some truth to the notion that children need protection from people who would permanently mess up their bodies (including their brains).

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