The quality of life of countless people

Being woke on the cheap – the very, very cheap.

It’s about those pronouns.

If everyone stated their pronouns, allowing those with a non-traditional gender identity to blend into the crowd, the quality of life of countless people could improve markedly, with negligible inconvenience caused to everyone else.

I am a cisgender, straight, white, male, middle-class Tory. If even I can muster enough self-awareness to recognise the uniqueness of others’ experiences and make small changes to the way I behave as a result, such as adding “he/him” to my social media bios, then you definitely can too. There is no basis for defying this that is both rational and compassionate.

It’s so easy – aka cheap. He can go on being Tory and thus ignore all the material difficulties that hinder people who are not middle-class and white and male, but at the same time he can “state his pronouns” and thus feel like a good conscientious person.

To refuse flat-out to even entertain the notion that others might have experiences and perspectives that you, an unimaginably privileged cisgender person, does not is indicative of calamitous levels of single-mindedness and bigotry. An unwillingness to do something so simple as stating your pronouns irrespective of its demonstrably momentous positive effect suggests a stark absence of humility and compassion.

Ah yes, we unimaginably privileged cisgender women, how dare we not “state our pronouns” in solidarity with men who want to “identify as” women and steal all their athletic prizes.

Privileged people like myself who identify as cisgender can never even begin to comprehend the experiences of by those who do not. 

I begin to suspect this is satire. Why is this shiny prosperous dude in such a lather about the agonies of trans people while he’s so indifferent to every other kind of marginalization there is?

Jason Reed is a student, freelance writer and treasurer of the LSE Conservative Society.

Something in the water at LSE?

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