They’re multiplying

A new nightmare looms.

Speculation about the post-White House career of Ivanka Trump is now centered on Florida, where the soon to be ex-first daughter and senior aide to her president father has reportedly bought an expensive plot of land for a house and may be considering a run for Senate.

She’s a twerp, she’s pig-ignorant, she defends everything her evil daddy does, she’s corrupt, and she’s a criminal. Also she’s entitled, arrogant, self-dealing, empty-headed, and narcissistic. Other than that, awesome choice for the Senate.

Ivanka Trump is not the only member of her family potentially eyeing up a political future post-Trump. Donald Trump Jr – who is popular with his father’s conservative base – is often seen as likely to make a serious bid to enter politics in his own right. Meanwhile, daughter-in-law Lara Trump has been mentioned as a potential candidate for the Senate in North Carolina.

Iiiiiiiiick. They’re like bedbugs.

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