Things that affect real people

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Fellow academic Alison Phipps responds:

I am particularly struck by “These issues are not abstract thought experiments but things that affect real people.” This is a working academic talking, remember – a working academic claiming there is a gulf between things that affect real people and discussion of such things among academics. If that’s what she thinks why is she even an academic?

Sex, gender, justice, equality, identity, material reality, truth, fantasy, lies, social contagion, intersectionality, rights, law, justice, fairness, body, mind – all are “things that affect real people” and that’s why we discuss them and try hard to get them right. What an admission it is for an academic to say she thinks that discussion is just idle chat between unreal people.

The item about “Two cis women debating trans equality” is also absurd, of course. It would be two women discussing whether men who call themselves women are literally women in all senses and also more marginalized than not-trans women and thus entitled to demand that feminism “center” them.

I guess we should conclude that Phipps isn’t confident she can defend that claim and so is making silly excuses.

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