Trump asked what it’s all about

Trump did another gig yesterday, for a conservative group in Arizona. He said some words:

I want to thank also Kimberly, and I want to thank my son — boy, I watched my son.  I got here — wow.  I said, “What’s this all about?”  He’s good.  And people like him.  People like him a lot.

To everyone here today, and watching live all across our country, thank you for bravely defending our nation, our values, and our great American heroes.  (Applause.)

You know what’s going on because you’re on the frontlines of a tremendous intellectual struggle for the future of our country.  It’s really what you’re talking about — the future of our country.  You see what’s happening.  It’s a disgrace.  It’s a disgrace.  If we weren’t here, you could forget it.  Okay?  But we’re going to be here, and then you’re going to be here, and we’re going to keep it going for a long time.  (Applause.)


He could be talking about anything, or nothing.

But he does get to some substance eventually.

Our people are stronger, and our people are smarter, and we are the elite.  We are the elite.  (Applause.)  You know, do you ever notice?  They said it two weeks ago.  I was talking to somebody who says, “Well, you know the elite…”  I said, “What are you talking about, the elite?  Who’s the elite?  They’re the elite?”  They’re not the elite.  You’re the elite.  You are.  (Applause.)  You’re smarter, better looking.  You have a better future.  You know your way around better, believe it or not.

There’s only one thing they have: They’re more vicious.  They are vicious.  They are vicious people.

We don’t repeat ourselves as much though.

We believe that the beloved heroes of American history should not be torn down by militant mobs, but held up as an example to the world.  (Applause.)  Now they’re after George Washington.  I said, “What did he do wrong?”  George Washington.  (Laughter.)  Thomas Jefferson.  We stopped them.  They were heading toward the Jefferson Memorial.  They have — they couldn’t care less.  I think half of them don’t even know who Thomas Jefferson is.  (Laughter.)

I wonder how much Trump knows about Jefferson. Sally Hemings maybe? Does he know about her? I don’t think so. (Laughter.)

So our heroes are not a source of shame.  They are an example and something that you can all look up to — a true example of greatness, a point of pride.  And we will honor them and cherish them forever.  We will cherish them.

And we have to cherish our past.  We have to cherish good or bad.  We have to understand our past.  We have to understand our history.  Because if we don’t know our history, it could all happen again.  We have to know our history.  (Applause.)

Then Trump should learn some.

He sings an ode to The Wall.

So, we built 220 miles.  We’re going to have — and it’s every single element.  I met with Border Patrol, who are fantastic, by the way.  Every single element they wanted.  You have to see through, which makes sense.  You have to do all of the different — we have cameras on it.  We have sensors on it.  It is just great.  Thirty feet high.  It’s very hard.  Very hard.  (Applause.)  We have anti-climb provision on the top.  We have the whole deal, and it’s very powerful.  And, by the way, where that wall is, nobody is getting through.  Nobody gets through.  (Applause.)

We put a chunk — California — off the record, California was saying, “Please, can we have the wall?”  This is California.  You know, they didn’t want the wall.  They didn’t want the wall.  But they wanted the wall, right?  Because right next to San Diego is a wonderful town in Mexico.  You know the town; I won’t mention the name.  (Laughter.)  But they’re heavily infected with COVID.

Do you ever notice?  I said, the other night — did anybody see my speech the other night, on Saturday night?  (Applause.)  But I said the other night, “There’s never been anything where they have so many names.”  I could give you 19 or 20 names for that, right?  It’s got all different names.  “Wuhan.”  “Wuhan” was catching on.  “Coronavirus,” right?


THE PRESIDENT:  “Kung flu,” yeah.  (Applause.)  Kung flu.  “COVID.”  “COVID-19.”  “COVID.”  I said, “What’s the ‘19’?”  “COVID-19.”  Some people can’t explain what the 19 — give me the — “COVID-19.”  I said, “That’s an odd name.”  I could give you many, many names.

That doesn’t quite do it justice. When Mean Donnie said “Kung flu, yeah,” there wasn’t (Applause) but (Uproar, cheers, applause). There was a loud fervent surge of approval for the president’s use of a sneering racist nickname.

Here it is again so that you can confirm.

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